A Cancer is basically just a Cell is Mutated. Well To Be Specific; Bad Mutations. Beneficial Mutations are not Cancer. That's a sign of evolution instead. Anyways back to cancer; most mutations that causes cancers are the mutation that affects the gene where it signals when it will divide or not. It's just like Chernobyl. Tons of Radiations can cause a damage this is now unable to be fixed.

Types Of CancersEdit

Cure & Treatment Edit

Since There's a lot of Types of cancers each one has tons of varieties. There's no way to find a cure. But there's a treatment.

Treatment Edit

These are the Treatments you may need if you have cancer:

  • Surgery (If the Cancer is Slow-Growing)
  • Radiation (If the Cancer is Fast-Growing)
  • Chemotherapy (If the Cancer is all around like Leukemia)
  • Gene/Genome Modification (Quite New, But the most Accurate. It modifies WBC to attack the Cancerous cells)